As a composer, I enjoy merging concepts and ideas together, to find a balance between fresh ideas and pre-existing approaches, to create familiar but original sounds. 

My work spans several disciplines: I write Contemporary Classical Music, Jazz Charts, and create music for TV, Film, and Video Games.

My most recently completed projects include Apophenia, composed for the Chimera Ensemble Undergraduate Commission 2017-18, Sleep, a setting of Ivor Gurney's solo song for Animas Choir, and two soundtracks for York-based film company The Weaver Productions. I am in the process of workshopping a piece for String Quartet (written for the Diotima Quartet), and an experimental work for the University of York Piano Ensemble.

If you're interested in my works, or would like to know more about my composition, click here to have a listen, or get in touch with me using the details at the bottom of the page!


Selected Works

Portfolio of Work


Somewhere In Between

For String Quartet

Written for a workshop with Quatuor Diotima, this work explores language from British Jazz Pianist John Taylor, reworking and reinventing harmony until it has given all it has to offer.


For Mezzo-Soprano, Clarinet in Bb, String Quartet, and Two Pianos

Composed for the Chimera Ensemble Undergraduate Commission 2017-18, this piece came as a response to a brief, based around a set of seemingly unrelated words and sounds. This led to me learning about 'Apophenia' - the perception of connections and meaningfulness in unrelated things.


For Solo Violoncello and Piano

This piece explores the slow growth of a fragment into three independent ideas, before


For Trumpet and Fixed Media

A short work exploring resampled and edited sound. The tape part is assembled entirely from recorded fragments of the solo trumpet line.

From North

For 2 Clarinets, 2 Flutes, Piano, and Percussion

This work amalgamates four settings from Seamus Heaney's collection of poems, 'North'. The settings, each composed for solo voice, are reworked and re-presented by the ensemble, in order to create a work that draws upon ideas from Heaney's works, without direct intention.

Tantôt Irisée, Tantôt Jaspée

For Flute, Violin, Cello, Percussion, and Piano

This piece plays with timbre and colour, to constant adapt material, so that it never quite stays grounded.

Ambrosia (Film Score)

For Digital Media

The secon of my collaborations with The Weaver Productions, this work is made up of several short atmospheric fragments, that contribute to the overall tone and mood of the film.

The Nightmare Room

For Jazz Sextet

My first project with The Weaver Productions, this piece was written as a theme for the short film 'The Nightmare Room'. It draws upon early jazz influences from the 1920s and 30s, blending clarinet, trumpet, and saxophone with a traditional piano-bass-drums rhythm section.

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