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About me

I'm a musician based in York, UK, working across all sorts of different platforms. In 2018 I graduated from the University of York Music Department with a Distinction 1st Class Honours Degree. Thanks to a couple of scholarships, I am now continuing my study at York, and reading for an MA in Music Composition.

My Composition is largely within the contemporary classical realm, but I also often collaborate with directors and producers to create music for TV, Film, and Games, and write jazz charts for various ensembles I'm involved with.

In terms of performance, I'm most frequently found at jazz jams playing piano or trumpet, in theatre bands, or playing keyboards for Paul McArthur's Kings of Cool, a professional 11 piece jazz/funk/groove ensemble.

On top of both of these things, I'm an arranger, transcriber, music educator, and occasional conductor - plenty of things to keep me occupied!

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