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The Black Path

The Black PathDiotima Quartet, Cameron McArthur
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The ‘Black Path’ is a track that follows the southern bank of the river Tees. It is ancient: in the late 5th century it formed the boundary between the Anglian Kingdoms of Deira and Bernicia. Later, when York was under Viking rule, the path marked the north-eastern corner of Eric Bloodaxe’s kingdom. For the last few decades, it has been a barren route through the abolished heart of industrial Teesside. Once used by sailors and steelworkers on their daily commute, it carves a scar between blast furnaces, cranes, and heavy pipelines, working steadily out from the town to the mouth of the Tees and Coatham marshes.  It’s an arresting and unique landscape, and I am regularly struck by its semi-wildness, as I drive above it on one of my own weekly commutes. An evocative image, it was the inspiration for this, my second string quartet.

This recording comes from an informal concert given by the Diotima quartet in Feburary 2022.

Returning Waves by Owen Russell (2021)

I really enjoyed working on this piece, and creating this recording for Owen. His work is really engaging, and very enjoyable, so it was lovely to be asked to work on this improvisation-focused piece.

Owen writes: 

This is a piece facilitating a relationship between an improviser and their breathing.

Part of a series of 'waves' pieces that explore how awareness of breath can be integrated into musical performance and composition. 

Still, Inside (2021)

Still, Inside was created in the early months of 2021. It is a reflection on my experience of lockdown, and the impact that isolation has upon my relationship with the everyday objects around me.

Created in collaboration with recorder player Lizzie Knatt and classical guitarist Federico Pendenza for The Arc Project: Digital Ensembles Edition.

Canon X (2020)

Canon X contrasts human and computer-coded improvised interpretations of a text-based score. It is inspired by the studies for player-piano created by Conlon Nancarrow. The performer works through the score from one direction (left to right, or right to left) and Sonic Pi from the other. They meet in the middle, before effectively mimicking each other until the close.

It was created in collaboration with Des Clarke for the Arc Project: Digital Edition.

9127 Unfolding (2020)

For Gabriel and Latasha

Performed by Eleanor Dunsdon, and created as part of the Arc Project: Digital Edition.


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